"Imagine Everything Magical, Create, Design and Conquer"

Company Overview

Nicholas Alan Associates Inc. is the one stop shop to get "high quality" unique art works in the world. We are a Canadian Company specializing in the creation of authenticated works; special for your needs and wants.

Through the works by a single artist, applied quality assurance and artistic self created projects. The artist: Nicholas Alan Goorwah born in Toronto, Canada has created many drawings both digital and analog that are very special and rare. As a student Nicholas attended The University of Toronto and graduated with a Computer Science Degree, BSc. After then, he went on to develop long lasting relationships with companies all over the Toronto, Ontario area working in Quality Assurance within Software and Information Technology.

All artistic items, products, compilations or collections are manufactured directly from the original art work by a high quality German high resolution scanner: Uber Scan and sold for an amount then distributed with or without the authentication process. Authentication of works includes ink stamp, signature and artist impressed paper signature embedded into the works by the artist himself for full authentication. You will have a piece of art that last a life time and can be passed down from generation to generation. Art that is of excellent quality and made from the foundations of framing, imaging, designing, creation and professional reproduction to print.

Nicholas Alan Associates Inc. has world class print technology powered by Epson. All reproductions are printed on the highest quality papers and with 200 - 400 year colored inks. Quality is at the heart of our business.

To proceed with getting in touch with an associate of Nicholas Alan Associates Inc., for inquiries and work orders please look at the contact us page of this site. It provides a business phone number, email address and location for more information. A representative will contact you back with additional information and delivery options.

Orders can be placed and delivered or picked up in only in Ontario, Canada to date, however outside of Ontario would require delivery options carried out by the purchaser depending on the size of order. All pieces of art are final sales and are not refundable.